Photography By Stephen Vincent-Grace

My Photography Journey

Hi There! My name is Stephen Vincent-Grace and thank you for visiting my website. I am an amatuer photographer and by no means a pro but I just love taking photos and using photography as a way to express my creativity. This blog is both to show my work and to motivate myself to continue my photography journey.

self portrait of me

I have been in love with Photography on and off for the last 5 years when I first started travelling the world. Initally I used a Canon powershot point and shoot, then purchased various Canon SLRs. A while back I got sick of lugging a big camera around and found myself not taking any photos and feeling uninspired. 12 months went by without a single shot taken with my SLR. Then in 2016 I found the Fuji X system and the Fuji X-Pro 2.

photo of myself holding the fuji x-pro2

Inspired by not only the camera but also the Fuji community and the amazing Fuji X photographer professionals, I am now back in love with photography and want to pursue my hobby and develop better photos. I dont have a certain style or type of photography just yet and I find myself enjoying everytning from street, travel, portraiture and landscape. I hope you enjoy the photos throughout my blog and please feel free to get in touch as I am open to shooting, sharing ideas and learning from others.

Finally I would like to share some links of some great websites and photographers:

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